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However, there has been no confirmation of an association between these Gleason scores and risk for prostate cancer-specific death. Wright et al. On the other hand, we would also emphasize that, based on the same set of data, the year prostate cancer-specific survival rate of even the patients with Gleason scores of was only fractionally under 70 percent.

It should also be noted that men diagnosed with clinically localized prostate cancer between and were probably at significantly greater risk for pathologically non-localized disease than men being diagnosed with clinically localized disease today. That issue looms higher and higher on my radar screen as I experience the long-term side effects of having and being treated for this miserable disease. If you want to get a precise answer to this question, my suggestion would be that you e-mail the primary author, Dr.

Jonathan Wrightand see if he is grade cancro prostatico 3 to give you this information. As I understand this new study from Seattle, involving men aged between 40 to 64 years, it showed, in a median follow up of I wondered how these figures grade cancro prostatico 3 with the Albertsen study JAMA Sep 16; 11 which was intended to be a competing risk analysis of men aged 55 to 74 years at diagnosis managed conservatively for clinically localized prostate cancer.

The men in that study were either not treated or treated with immediate or delayed hormonal therapy, and they had the following estimated chance of dying from prostate cancer within 15 years of diagnosis depending on their age at diagnosis:. I know this is not a direct comparison, but feel grade cancro prostatico 3 is not quite chalk and cheese.

I felt that the following points might be relevant and account for some of the grade cancro prostatico 3 anomalies:. The new study makes no mention of tumors with Gleason scores of 5 or less.

The men in the Albertsen study were within an older range —- 10 years older —- and therefore were closer to the median age for prostate cancer deaths which has stayed at about 83 years of age i. Given these, and no doubt, other considerations, there does not seem to be a great deal of difference between the outcomes in the two studies and what difference there is may well be due to the better medical care available now.

In fact, back in the early s — before widespread PSA testing was available — this was very common. Mi padre tiene un PSA o Gleason de 7. Un valor de PSA de 7,9 no es muy alta. Es sólo un poco por encima de los niveles medios. Esto puede ocurrir por muchas razones. After six weeks, it was The prostate cancer is also in the groin lymph node. Is it possible for the cancer cells in the lymph node grade cancro prostatico 3 show up after 3 months of Lupron therapy? Our urologist has been remiss in giving us information.

Did you husband get such a scan? If so, what waS the result? Proton beam radiation seems most unlikley to be appropriate. On the other hand, the good news is that your husband seems to be responding extremely well to the hormone therapy.

You might want to get a second opinion from a medical oncologist as opposed to a urologist. The form of prostate cancer you describe is much more like the way prostate tended to be diagnosed 20 years ago than the current situation. The good news is that despite the high PSA level and the high Gleason score, your husband still has no sign of metastasis and he has responded really well to the hormone therapy. So long as this continues to be the case, he could do very well.

However, you do need to understand that he is at very high risk for progression at almost any time, and he needs to make sure he is getting his PSA monitored every 3 months — like clockwork.

There is no known curative therapy for men like your husband at this time … but survival times for men like this still can be many years. The other piece of good news is that — by comparison with the situation 20 years ago — there are now many therapeutic grade cancro prostatico 3 even when primary hormone therapy does stop having the effect it is currently providing … and there are even more such products in clinical development.

The literature I have read on laser ablation treatment seems very promising. This is a complete guess, but I would figure it is going to be at least another 10 years and maybe never. Just to give you an example, it took about 20 years for laser-based transurethral resection of the grade cancro prostatico 3 to become commonplace. My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer in His PSA was He was scheduled for a radical prostatectomy but declined at the last moment.

Now, 7 years later, grade cancro prostatico 3 PSA is He is scheduled for a CT next week. Am I close to being correct and — if metastasis has occurred — what treatment will be best, if any? In the former — micrometastatic — case, the cancer has spread outside the prostate but extraprostatic tumors are not yet visible on a CT scan or a bone scan.

In the latter — metastatic — case, there will be clear evidence of metastatic tumors on a bone scan or a CT scan. There are some side effects to this type grade cancro prostatico 3 therapy, but ideally the hormone therapy will drop his PSA level back down to near to zero, and he will be able to adapt to the side effects.

My website incorporates the experiences of over 1, men diagnosed with prostate cancer. You can click here to find grade cancro prostatico 3 index to all the personal stories on the Yananow web site.

His pathology report says adenocarcinoma of the prostate and presence of perineural invasion with mild inflammation. Total linear amount of carcinoma is 99 mm. What do you think and advise? What should be best therapy? What should be the survival rate? Any precautions? Your father needs to get a bone scan to see if there is evidence of metastatic disease.

However, it is also possible that he has so-called micrometastatic disease grade cancro prostatico 3 which the disease has already spread far outside his prostate, but only in very small foci that would not be evident on a bone scan. Thanks for quick response. His bone test was clear. No sign of spread. How to find out micrometastatic disease? There is no easy way to know whether cancer has micrometastasized. You could ask about having a laparoscopic lymph node dissection prior to any actual treatment to see if there was cancer in the lymph nodes.

You could also ask about having a bone marrow biopsy to see if cancer is already present grade cancro prostatico 3 the bone marrow. However, what you really need to grade cancro prostatico 3 first is have a serious discussion with the doctors about the risk that the cancer has already micrometastasized, and if so what sort of grade cancro prostatico 3 they would recommend.

It seems likely to me that you grade cancro prostatico 3 may need some form of combination therapy e. You really should join our social networkwhere you can get opinions from lots of different people what have already had treatment for prostate cancer. If surgery is appropriate, it is always best applied as a first line of treatment. Thanks for your response … Do you know if there is any article on this treatment option …. There are literally hundreds of articles on grade cancro prostatico 3 management of men like your father.

Some physicians would tell you that if you take his prostate out and then give him hormone therapy, you may be able to delay progression of his cancer for years … and that is true. A third group grade cancro prostatico 3 physicians would tell you to just give him hormone therapy because neither surgery nor radiation is going to have any meaningful effect. If the latter is the case, then there is not a lot of point in either surgery or local radiation to the prostate, because the disease has effectively spread extensively through his body.

First-line hormone therapy would probably be the most appropriate treatment in such a circumstance. I started hormone therapy injections every 4 months and also take a hormone pill every grade cancro prostatico 3.

The PSA still on the rise. I go back to M D next week for a CT scan and a bone scan. I just came across this site and would like an opinion. There is a significant difference in the mortality rates.

What is the significance of having two scores? I will be undergoing grade cancro prostatico 3 in a few weeks. Thanks for any information you might be able to offer.

Any lower Gleason core is irrelevamt. Focal cryoablation is a different story if that is what you are referring to. If I am reading the information correctly the he has a We do not have his PSA numbers as they just did it today. After 29 years of employment he lost his job last year and his insurance in June.

Now he has no insurance. What is he going to do? Someone will get back to you quickly to offer assistance. That would be unusual today, and would suggest that he may have had clear symptoms suggestive of prostate cancer as well as a positive digital rectal examination. Is it possible that his primary care doctor got an original PSA and that the urologist is now repeating it? You need to check on this please.

My year-old husband was diagnosed with T1c prostate cancer after a biopsy. His PSA is 5. Radiation therapy has been recommended as opposed to surgery. We are going to see a radiation oncologist grade cancro prostatico 3 week. What would his life expectancy be if he underwent radiation therapy? If your husband is otherwise reasonably healthy, his normal life expectancy as a man who has lived to 72 years is about another 12 years.

Based on the information you have provided, high-dose external beam radiation therapy carried out by a skilled clinical team using modern technology i.